Grunge Wall

Welcome to Noetic Quest, the independent publishing platform for a small group of Southern California writers. The works presented here range from science fiction to mystery/thriller. Each story strives for originality while simultaneously grounding the narrative in familiar concepts. Readers can expect multi-dimensional characters, a sense of adventure, a hint of danger (often more), and firm resolution, though not always positive resolution. 

We hope you enjoy the experience! 


Excerpt from Displaced - Alternate Reality, Book One

"Leave your real self outside while you're in here–your habits, your history, your hopes for the future–leave it all out. Before long, you'll be convinced that this is the only true reality, and where you came from was just–I don't know–a dream, or something. That's what makes these places so great. When you become such a part of them, they start to feel not like a place you're visiting, but all that ever was."