Alternate Reality Expansion Primer

The Alternate Reality Series and its Virtual System

The Alternate Reality series was published between 2019 and 2020. The story unfolds in 2040 and centers on total immersion virtual reality. In the story, users engage with the virtual system by wearing wrap-around sunglasses called “immersion sets”. The immersion sets trigger brain activity that corresponds to the virtual world. For instance, if a user touches a virtual world object, the immersion sets trigger somatosensory brain regions. If a user inhales a virtual scent, the immersion sets trigger olfactory brain regions. This process generates the virtual worlds with full believability, which in essence is how human brains create people’s perceptions of actual reality. But while human brains in actual reality receive data from the environment, users in virtual reality receive data from the immersion sets.


The Purpose of this Expansion


While writing the Alternate Reality series, I was enthralled by the potential of the virtual system. And though I created virtual worlds that I found interesting, I barely scratched the surface of what was possible. There were numerous places where I wanted the characters to travel, but I only included certain locations to prevent bogging down the story. With this expansion, I have another opportunity to create more worlds. To accomplish this, the series will consist of single chapter volumes, with each volume ranging between 3,500 to 4,000 words. In the volumes, a character by the name of Dan Reed will visit various places. By the time the series ends, I will have hopefully satisfied my desire for virtual world exploration. Time will tell. 

If you decide to come along the journey, thank you.